SKILLS – Farm Work


Have you got Farming Skills?

To understand YOUR skills, you need to tell YOUR story a step by step outline of what YOU do.

As an EXAMPLE here is Jack’s story:

  • What is your farm story Jack? My family owns a dairy farm and I help out.
  • What do you do? I milk in the mornings and sometimes in the evening.
  • What do you do? I go down the paddock and get the cows on the four-wheeler. We have a dog who helps. I bring them to the dairy and push them up.
  • What happens next? Dad has set up the dairy, so we start milking, we feed in the bale, so it’s my job to make sure there is enough grain.
  • What next? We milk all the cows, and wash down the shed and clean all the cups with really hot water.
  • What next? The tanker comes at the end of milking, so I have to clean out the vat.
  • What next? It depends on the season, but sometimes we have to feed calves, and other times we have to help with AI or herd testing. Sometimes I will do a bit of the irrigation for Dad too, depending on how close it is to the house.
  • What would your Dad say about you? He would probably say that I am pretty reliable and good with the cows.

This is what Jack could write in his resume.


Written examples of Farm Work

FarmWorking on the home farm is a responsible job. Here are some written examples about Farm Work, you can write things like this for your resume or letter of application.

  • Able to work independently to milk cows and feed calves.
  • Responsible for shifting electric fences, assisting with AI and bringing up cows for milking.
  • Punctual to work to begin milking at 3.30pm. Able to read and follow instructions left in the dairy.
  • Thorough and meticulous when cleaning the dairy at the end of each milking.
  • Able to identify cows whose milk should not go into the VAT.
  • Able to work in teams when fencing and hay carting.
  • Able to relay messages between owner and contractors who visit the farm.

A Farm Worker may be experienced in:

  • Working with Diary Cows / Beef Cattle / Chickens / Horses / Pigs / Goats / ?
  • Milking
  • Tractor Work
  • Motorbike
  • Fencing
  • Herd Testing
  • Herding Cattle
  • Cropping / Slashing
  • Irrigation
  • Hay Carting
  • Shearing / Crutching
  • Drenching

What else can you think of?


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